The Boost Experience


For Individuals

Take control of your mental health and wellness journey at your pace, confidentially, and when you want. You have full access to all the app’s features including video self-help courses on different mental health topics, Mood Checks, Zen Room, therapeutic tools, local resources and assessment.

For Organizations

Give your clients a boost by offering Welltrack Boost organization wide. Whether you are a University, Community Organization, Employer or State entity Boost has something for everyone. Through Boost’s aggregate data you can better understand your user’s needs and offer them services that are customized to their needs when they need it. Boost is easily scalable and affordable for your population’s size. If you are a customer of Welltrack’s other products such as HelpNow, Connect, or Guide, learn how these solutions work together to wrap around the population you serve.

For Privacy

We can all get numb to the issue of Privacy and Security but it is at the forefront of our minds. Personal identifying information is only shared between the individual and their organization if you explicitly consent to that within Boost. Otherwise the only information shared is anonymized aggregate data. We will never sell your data. We are a HITRUST certified provider which means we do all the right things to protect your data. Check out our privacy policy here.

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